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History of CK Herefords

Colraine Herefords

Colin & Sue Corney

Colraine Farm is family owned and managed situated 15 minutes south of Hamilton New Zealand and only 5 minute from the Hamilton International Airport in the rural area of Ohaupo. 

After years of producing Hereford/Dairy cross weaners, a decision was made in 2003 to establish Colraine Hereford stud.    

Females were initially purchased from Keelryn and Graymar studs with selected incalf heifers joining from Karamu, Leelands and Okawa. 

We currently calf around 45 mixed aged cows, both bulls and heifers are retained until yearlings when bulls are sold within their selected market. (Stud, Beef, Dairy)  Heifer replacements are chosen at 14 months old with any overflow being sold to commercial beef farms or finished for Hereford Prime.

Our aim is to produce a moderate birth weight animal with strong constitution and temperament.  The eye must like what it sees with EBVs and performance data used in the selection process for replacements and any Sire joining the herd or used in an AI program.

AI is widely used as part of our breeding philosophy leading towards proven Sires with high accuracy for BW, Growth, Milk and carcass EMA. 

AI sires used to-date

Okawa Commodore

Koanui Unanimous

Harvie Ladies Man

Kairuru Garner  

Kanuka Herefords

Robert & Rosalie, Andrew & Christina Russo

2014 marks 20 years of breeding for the Kanuka Hereford Stud.  The stud was initially founded in 1994 on 20 acres at Rotokauri on the western outskirts of Hamilton, after many years raising calves on Hereford cross nurse-cows.  Small numbers of females where purchased from Rangitoto, Freelance, Kahu, Karamu and Wando with numbers slowly building up to around 10-15 cows.

2004 saw a massive change with the herd moving to 70 acres of steep hill country at Te Pahu, on the bush-line of Mt Pirongia some 1200 feet above sea-level.  The increased land allowed the herd to grow to around 20-25 cows calved each year with further females added from Achindrean, Keelryn, Glendale and Leelands.

From the beginning temperament has been the most important trait selected for and we aim to combine this with a moderate birth weight, breeding moderately framed, early maturing bulls with above average growth to be sold as yearlings into stud, commercial beef and dairy herds.  More recently we have started to put added emphasis onto carcass traits in our cattle.       

Over the years a number of influential sires have made a big impact on the Kanuka herd including;

Roselawn Ranger T381 – a large framed bull who put some real size into our cow herd                 

Cascade Thunder Iran 0002- a bull with full Braxton breeding who added some serious thickness and do-ability into our cattle                                                                                                                                  

Ardo Russia 7438 – a bull purchased as a heifer mating bull that grew into a massive bull with over 50 progeny and a trait-leader for birth weight and scrotal.  His first daughters in production are doing an exceptional job.

2009 saw Kanuka begin working closely with Colin and Sue Corney of Colraine Herefords in Ohaupo, under the ‘CK Herefords’ banner. This partnership has allowed us to make big advances with our herd by sharing sires and genetics, jointly showcasing our cattle at local shows and leasing land to run our replacement heifers and sale bulls on.

Our current herdsires (both owned in partnership with Colraine) are:

Kanuka Fortune 1007 – a Meat and Wool Cup winning homebred son of Koanui Unanimous, who is a big framed correct bull with exceptional growth and maternal EBV’s.

Craigmore Opium 10214 – a very deep, early maturing bull who has low birth weight and massive carcass EBV’s

Since 2009 we have also carried out AI progamme yearly with great results using mainly proven sires who possess specific traits we are looking for.  Sires used successfully include Koanui Unanimous 3152, Limehills Chiefton 680, Harvie Ladiesman, Kairuru Garner and Beechwood Ups n Downs.


Colin Corney
P 07 823 6252 | M 027 520 3320
E colraine.herefords@farmside.co.nz
Andrew Russo
P 07 873 1515 | M 027 293 6496
E Andrew.R@vetfocus.co.nz
CK Herefords
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