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  KANUKA FORTUNE 1007DOB: 31/07/2010   

Fortune is our new homebred herdsire.  He is sired by the incomparable Koanui Unanimous 3152 and has been a standout since birth.  He fits perfectly with what we are looking for in a sire;

     - strong maternal background from his Koanui sire and outstanding Otapawa Skymate dam

     - balanced EBV's with moderate birth, strong growth, high milk and good muscling figures

     - sound structure and plenty of style

As a yearling Fortune was Supreme Champion Hereford at the Franklin Show, going on to also take out the Allbreeds Junior Meat and Wool Cup

Fortune was used very lightly in 2011 and we have retained 2 exceptional daughters

Fortune was used as the main herdsire at Colraine in 2012 and has produced some excetional 2013 born progeny.  He is currently running with the Kanuka cows.



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  CRAIGMORE OPIUM 10214DOB: 28/07/2010   

Craigmore Opium was purchased as the top priced bull at the 2011 Craigmore yearling bull sale.  He was selected for his early maturity combined with a great set of EBV's including low birthweight, very high milk and outstanding carcass figures.

Opium was run with the CK yearling heifers in 2011 getting all of them incalf in the first cycle.  These calves were all born easy with moderate birthweights and had that all important 'get up and go'.  3 of these bull calves ended up in our 'A' group', weaning off their 2 year-old mothers at more than 320kg!

One of these bulls, Kanuka Hustler 1205 - A very dark, well pigmented youngster out of a good Unanimous heifer, has been retained and used over the CK Hereford yearling heifers


EBVs and Pedigree

  KAIRURU GARNER 090003DOB: 02/07/2009   

Garner was the Supreme Champion Hereford bull at the 2011 Beef Expo, selling to the Kaitoa stud of Phillip and Lyn Barnett.  CK Herefords were fortunate to purchase the semen rights in this big strong, very correct young sire and have used him in our AI programme in the last 3 mating seasons.

Garner fits our criteria with moderate birthweight, good growth and the all important maternal strength.  We haved viewed his dam and sister in the Kairuru herd and they are perfect Hereford females.

His first crop of calves were all born unassisted and have gorown on to wean at very good weights.

CK Herefords sold 2 oustanding heifer calves at Beef Expo 2013, both selling for $4000 and heading to new homes in the South Island.

Now a Trait Leader for “Short Gestation” currently at -6.8

Short gestation with growth you can’t ask for more!!

Semen Packages available 

EBVs and Pedigree

  ARDO RUSSIA 7438DOB: 16/09/2007   

Russia came to CK Herefords from the Ardo yearling bull sale in 2008.  He was bought for his low birthweight that was combined with above average growth figures and was used successfully for 2 years over the CK yearling heifers.  The last couple of seasons he has been used as a tail-up bull in both the Colraine and Kanuka herds.

Russia has produced a number of very good bulls that have been the perfect fit for us selling yearling bulls for dairy cow matings, as they are low birthweight combined with a large frame size.

His first heifers in production this season have been good milkers with one in particular, Kanuka Frolic 1001, weaning 65% of her own bodyweight!.  Frolic is pictured left with her 2013 bull calf Kanuka Inertia 1302

Russia has recently been sold as a breeding bull and at 6 years old is still very sound and looks to have a lot of years left in him.

EBVs and Pedigree

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